No improvement

Arla has not improved at all today.  She is very weak and not feeling well at all.  The plan is to run blood tests to see if any cause for her malaise can be determined.  Pray she may be comfortable and healed.  Pray for Harold.  This downturn is difficult for him.  Pray for her caregivers and the doctors who will try to help in this situation.

Mary Ann did get Arla to smile when she kicked Harold out of the room when he was talking loudly on the phone.  Arla thought that was funny.

God is with us… thanks be to God.

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3 Responses to No improvement

  1. Keeping Arla close to my heart; each and every day. Love and hugs to Arla, your classmate linda poling hoffman

  2. keeping Arla in our prayers each and every day, Its sometimes very difficult to understand the way God works, he handles things his way and in his time, Patience is one of the lessons he has for us it seems, and learning to put everything in His hands and having faith to believe He knows best, His will not ours is an important lesson to follow. Our love to Arla, and to her great family, Her smile is such a beautiful one. classmate Earl R Hainline and Connie

  3. Lori Straley says:

    Lord I humbly come to you asking for your healing hand to laid upon Aunt Arla. With everything happening in my family right now, Lord you know we cannot deal with another loss or worsening illnesses. Please allow her to feel your presence today so she KNOWS you are with her and we remind everyone that when we pray we must believe it has already been received as you tell us this in Mark 11:22 & 23. I am believing we will see an improvement by next week Lord. Thank you for everything you have given us including this healing. Amen.

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