When the spirit says….

What does a person have to do to get serenaded by a top-notch group of over 40 singers right after lunch on a Sunday?  The answer is simple…. be Arla Allen.  Arla had dedicated 14 years to singing with the First United Methodist Senior Choir.  Today, the entire choir sang to Arla after church.   For those of you who heard Arla sing through the years, you know she was a contributing, reinforcing member of this group.  Arla’s singing was a gift that she used to the glory of God.  Now the choir sings without her physical voice.  But we feel her presence in rehearsals and Sunday worship.  Just as we do other members of the choir and congregation who are also residents at Vancrest and joined us for the mini-concert.

There are many guiding factors in our lives.  One factor is those people who have come into our lives and taught us or mentored us.  Sometimes these lessons are not positive.  Other times they are wonderfully pleasant.  When people change us, we may not really think about it or even realize.  Arla is one of the change agents in many people’s lives.  God also sent us a comforter in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit also helps guide us.  Today, the choir took a risk and sang today’s anthem at Vancrest without accompaniment.  It was a decision that the Holy Spirit prodded us to do, and a decision that created a flawless rendition of the piece.  It was meant to be.

Thank you God for giving us the Holy Spirit, and thank you for the family of believers who surround us everyday and comfort and support us.

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