When to pray

Do you ever have someone you know pop into your mind?  Have you ever been wakened in the night and begin thinking about a particular person?  What a perfect time to pray for that person.  God has placed this individual or family in your thoughts.   So take a moment and pray.  Prayer does not need to be complex.  It can be momentary.  In fact, 1 Thessalonians 5:17 tells us to pray without ceasing.  I translate this to mean, pray all day long.  Pray when that person comes into your thoughts.

Lord, I do not know the need but I pray for you to be with this person today.  I ask for safety and health and peace and guidance.  Speak to this person and through her today and prosper her.

What prayer time are we wasting while we make our morning coffee, brush our teeth, wait at the stop light, stand in line, vacuum, wait for the church service to begin.  We may be more likely to text on our cell phone during these times than we are to pray.  Be in tune with God and pray.  As you pray for Arla, please pray for the health, prosperity, and guidance of all who work for her good.  We believe that even those who are helping Arla through prayer are receiving God’s blessing in their own lives because you, too, are working for her good.  We also believe this extends to those who have never even met Arla but who are or will be working on her behalf.  Pray for the network of people that directly and indirectly is currently,or will be, connecting to Arla’s life.  Lord, we may not even know who these people are, but we are led to pray for them.  Amen.

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