Stay connected

Some people view technology as a bad thing.  It makes us passive, changes our culture, puts violence into the middle of our living room, dictates our thinking, replaces people in the workplace, or tethers everyone to a device.  All of these can be truths.  But technology can also be a good thing.  It makes us active in our endeavors, changes our culture, puts hope in the middle of our living room, allows us to let others know how we think, makes people better at their jobs, and connects people using  a device.

Today Arla was able to connect, see, and talk with some of her grandkids and her daughter.  They live three hours away, but no one had to leave their home or travel anywhere.  In fact, Arla did not have to even get out of bed.  A webcam on a computer, an iPad, a free application called Skype, and the Internet made this possible.  Arla could see them and hear them.  This kind of connection is real and needed.  Families all over the world are staying connected or becoming acquainted with the use of this type of technology.  What a miracle of our time that Arla can see her grandkids who live three hours away everyday if she wanted.  We are very thankful that most medical facilities now have wireless Internet access available. Much of this blog was written at Arla’s bedside in the early stages.  A wireless Internet connection at Lutheran Hospital made that possible.  Vancrest provides wireless free to residents.  The wireless connection facilitates Arla’s communication with her grandchildren.

Now all that communication takes technology and a little bit of know-how.  Do not forget that our God is very low tech.  He is with us and connected to us all the time.  HE NEVER LEAVES US.  We need no special equipment or training to connect to Him.  Even before we speak his name and call out to him, he knows what we need.  Stay connected to those you love….whether through technology or through a visit or call.  And stay connected to God in prayer.

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