The chain is unbroken

Arla was always a prayer leader at church.  She was often the one people would call to request prayer.  She would often call those on the list to check on progress or additional needs so she could relay information to the prayer team at church.  We tell you this to help you understand why Kelsey, Arla and Harold’s oldest grandchild (who is a senior in high school, lives in the Akron area, and teaches snowboarding at a local slope called Brandywine) would say, “With Grandma in the nursing home, all of VW won’t know what’s going on because she won’t be putting me on the prayer chain.”

Well…little does she know her mom (Janeen) has some links to that chain too.  And those links are easily connected to Arla’s blog, and the prayer chain is all hooked up…. in fact, it reaches farther than before.

Kelsey has had a migraine headache since Sunday.   Here are the details of what she is going through. She drove to Brandywine Monday to work her shift, but got faint before she even got out to teach her lessons. When her mom went to go get her, she passed out and then started having seizures. Ski patrol worked on her until the ambulance came. They have ruled out the scary stuff, but haven’t been able to break the migraine. They are getting ready to give her yet another combo of meds. Praying that this third cocktail gives her some relief.

Pray now for relief.  These meds go in over a course of 3 hours.  And thank God that Arla’s prayer chain is bigger and farther reaching than ever before.   UPDATE (Sunday morning):  The meds and prayers last night work.  Kelsey was pain free once all the meds had been administered.  Hopefully, she is still pain free and was able to sleep through the night. 

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