Be thankful

One evening after I had been out running an errand, I walked into the back hallway from the garage and Erik ran out of his bedroom and threw his arms around me.  Now any of you who know Erik realize that he is my non-demonstrative child.  He likes your attention and is affectionate but on his terms.  So having Erik bound out to hug me was a surprise.  I remember asking, “Hey, what’s that for?”  He said, “I am glad you are home.”   I know Erik loves me and needs me.  When things really get tough–cut finger, scraped knee, missing headphones,upset stomach, bedtime thirst–Erik heads to Mom.  Otherwise, he knows what I do for him everyday and assumes I’ll be there to take care of his daily needs.

Erik’s reactions to me remind me of my relationship with God….I tell him when I am really glad he is there; I call on him for the life emergencies; and I assume He is going to be there to take of my daily needs.  I am guessing God feels much as I do in the role of Mother.  Some days I get bogged down in taking care of the business of the day without much thanks.  I feel appreciated and fulfilled when I am there to bring peace and comfort in the emergencies no matter how small.  But the joy I remember are a spontaneous heart-felt thank you from my children….”Mom, I am just glad you’re home.”  Simple, in the moment, pure love.

Today, I have more than one moment of abandon when I just praised God and thanked him for so much.  I was praying for a beautiful young girl named Kayla and her family today.  You can pray for Kayla, too.  God knows which Kayla and what needs to be done.  Kayla is improving tonight, so thank God for His healing touch, as well.   I thanked God today for  simplicity, health, warmth, compliance, and trust.   I also thanked him for putting trials in my path that are designed for ME.  Trials that I have handled.  Trials given to me because I would be able to walk through them and become better because of them.  God does not promise we will live without strife.  But he does promise we will not be given more than we can handle.  What would break me, will not break another.  My life may seem overwhelming to others.

Remember to thank God tonight for what you take for granted.  It does not have to be a long drawn out prayer.  Be like a child…run to God, tell him thank you and that you are glad He is with you.  He is but a whisper away.

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