How’s Harold doing?

We used to spend a lot of time updating people on Arla’s status.  Now people often ask, “How is Harold doing?”  The basic is answer is that he is doing great.  In fact, he is hard to pin down many days.  During Arla’s time at Lutheran, the Rehab Hospital, and Vancrest, Harold was Arla’s number one caregiver.  He was with her every day from right after breakfast until she was in bed for the night.  Her care, while very good at Vancrest, would not have been nearly as seamless without Harold there everyday.

He became an unofficial member of the staff by helping the aides with Arla, helping other residents with minor issues, and being a new face to socialize with the residents.  He developed strong relationships with everyone there.  So, it would be no surprise that, since Arla’s death, Vancrest has enlisted his help as a volunteer.  Within two weeks of Arla’s death, Harold started driving Vancrest residents on outings and to doctor’s appointments.   On Wednesdays, you may see him at Walmart with the Assisted Living residents.  You may see him at the Medical Arts building (or whatever they call it now) taking a resident to a doctor’s appointment.   In addition, he takes a gentleman who lives in Van Wert to a dialysis appointment three days a week.  The man has to be at the appointment (which is located in Van Wert) at 6 a.m.  Between Vancrest and getting someone to dialysis, Harold might be doing up to three transports a day.

He is doing odd jobs for a few people here and there, making his rounds to his old haunts, eating lunch with his friends, spending time with family, and starting an active life without Arla.  Life is good for Harold.  God allowed all of us to grieve long before her death.  We, as Harold, miss her everyday, but we are glad that her time of being trapped in her body is over.

So, how is Harold?  He is great.  Call him if you need something….but he may already be booked up.

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One Response to How’s Harold doing?

  1. Dunster, George J. says:

    God bless Harold. I don’t need to ask im for anything. Just happy t hear he is doing fine and give him “hello” for me to him./ George


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